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How to Keep Web Visitors Coming Back for More

Your company has probably invested substantial time, energy and resources in developing its Website. Naturally, you want to inspire not only first-time hitters, but also repeat visitors. Consider this handful of simple strategies: 1) Change your site’s contents on a regular basis. How often? Every week, if possible. 2) Ensure that your site’s links relate […]

Good Mailing Practices Are Good for the Environment

For decades, companies have been using direct mail to effectively reach prospects and customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, over 50% of advertising expenditures now go into direct marketing. When you plan your next direct mail campaign, consider these practices aimed to help the environment: Eliminate undeliverable mail by maintaining an updated mailing list. […]

Be Creative and Proactive About Making Positive First Impressions

When was the last time you and other key people in your enterprise focused on the vital factors that make an immediate impression on customers, prospects and potential employees? If it’s been a while, we suggest you zero in on these important areas: •    Your entryway and lobby. Are they clean and inviting? What does […]

Better Brochures: Four Bloopers You Should Avoid

An effective brochure can help transform business prospects into paying customers. Poorly designed pieces often get tossed. Or, worse, they leave prospects with a negative impression of your company. Here is a quartet of bloopers: •    Making your company name the front panel’s most prominent element. It’s much more effective to lead with an attention-grabbing […]

6 Steps Toward Developing a Really Successful Marketing Plan

If you are a business owner or company manager, you know how important a marketing plan is to the short- and long-term prosperity of your enterprise. Following are six time-tested steps toward developing a really successful marketing plan: 1) Describe your products and/or services in easy-to-understand terms. Include what sets you apart from your main […]

Employee Reviews: The Importance of Varied Viewpoints

Many companies and organizations rely on a single perspective when it comes to staff-member reviews. Typically, that viewpoint is from the head of the employee’s department. But a process called “multirater” feedback has developed into an influential human-resources approach. It’s based on the belief that, in most settings, boss-to-subordinate evaluations are simply inadequate. Why? Because […]