Better Brochures: Four Bloopers You Should Avoid

An effective brochure can help transform business prospects into paying customers. Poorly designed pieces often get tossed. Or, worse, they leave prospects with a negative impression of your company. Here is a quartet of bloopers:

•    Making your company name the front panel’s most prominent element. It’s much more effective to lead with an attention-grabbing headline and striking image.

•    Failing to address your prospect’s bottom line—namely, “What’s in it for me?” Clearly communicate product and/or service benefits.

•    Failing to issue a “call to action.” Especially if you’re touting a particular product or service, factor into your promotional piece incentives such as limited-time discounts and free trial offers.

•    Presenting a sloppy image. Insist on professional typesetting and graphic design. And proof the text with great care to ensure that it’s typo-free.

Here at Planet 3 Press, we know brochures—from initial concept to final printing. Count on us for all your marketing needs!

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