Good Mailing Practices Are Good for the Environment

For decades, companies have been using direct mail to effectively reach prospects and customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, over 50% of advertising expenditures now go into direct marketing. When you plan your next direct mail campaign, consider these practices aimed to help the environment:

  • Eliminate undeliverable mail by maintaining an updated mailing list. Taking the time to ensure that you have the right contact person with valid address information helps eliminate waste and resource consumption incurred in paper, production, and transportation and recycling of undeliverable mail.
  • Target more effectively. Understanding more about your prospects and customers will help you better target your mailings for greater response. Targeting also helps minimize waste by ensuring what you mail is “wanted” mail by the recipient.
  • Consolidate your mailings. Rather than mailing several times a week or month to the same addressee, practice “householding”—combining multiple communications into a single envelope. This practice saves on CO2 emissions, paper and transportation.
  • Employ the expertise of mailing services professionals on your next campaign.  A provider who is well versed in direct marketing and mailing services can not only improve your campaign effectiveness, but reduce the impact on the environment as well. Whether it is through the use of recycled paper and soy-based inks or by web-based business reply methods, the experts can really help.

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