How to Keep Web Visitors Coming Back for More

Your company has probably invested substantial time, energy and resources in developing its Website. Naturally, you want to inspire not only first-time hitters, but also repeat visitors. Consider this handful of simple strategies:

1) Change your site’s contents on a regular basis. How often? Every week, if possible.

2) Ensure that your site’s links relate clearly to what your company stands for and what it offers. Make sure they’re sequential, current and easy to find.

3) Reward frequent visitors with a free promotional item or a product/service discount. This assumes that you encourage visitors to leave their contact information. 4) Send out an e-blast to your best customers and e-prospects whenever you complete significant site updates. Include a link to the site, of course.

5) Test your site’s “return appeal” with a focus group. By e-mail or telephone, ask frequent visitors questions such as “What do you like most and least about our site?” and “What would persuade you to visit it more often?”

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