Don’t Miss ‘Golden Opportunities’ When Customers and Prospects Inquire

“What a waste!” That exclamation is apropos of many small, medium and large companies that fail to follow up when customers and prospects inquire by telephone or e-mail. Here’s what happened when an East Coast research firm checked in anonymously with varied businesses across the country, making several thousand inquiries:

• Nearly 80% of the companies never asked for the inquirer’s name.

• Some 85% of the companies failed to request the inquirer’s phone number, e-mail address or other information—clearly essential for follow-up contact.

• More than one-third of the businesses contacted gave only price quotes and other requested information and left it at that. The telephone and e-mail response was both passive and abrupt.

• Almost 50% of the companies supplied product and/or service information but made absolutely no complementary sales pitch.

• At more than half of the businesses, telephone calls required an average of eight rings to answer, and nearly 30% of the callers were placed on hold for at least two minutes.

These stats illuminate a surprising and sobering marketing scenario. They should also motivate companies to reexamine their customer-inquiry policies and amp up their direct-sales practices. A word to the wise. . .

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