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Developing a Really Successful Marketing Plan

If you are a business owner or company manager, you know how important a marketing plan is to the short- and long-term prosperity of your enterprise. Following are six time-tested steps toward developing a really successful marketing plan: Step 1) Describe your products and/or services in easy-to-understand terms. Include what sets you apart from your […]

Direct Marketing Helps Retailer Increase Sales

CHALLENGE A specialty outdoor furniture and garden accessories store had been experiencing slow sales over the last few years. More recently, they experienced even larger sales declines and wanted to find a way to boost sales before the fall and winter, which are traditionally slower seasons for them. They had a good database of customer […]

Good Mailing Practices Are Good for the Environment

For decades, companies have been using direct mail to effectively reach prospects and customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, over 50% of advertising expenditures now go into direct marketing. When you plan your next direct mail campaign, consider these practices aimed to help the environment: Eliminate undeliverable mail by maintaining an updated mailing list. […]